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The adventures of Fe & Chris

Three little pigs…

Another highlight of the last week was the arrival of three freshly slaughtered pigs at base camp. Although the cooks were wanting to know how to cook them, and the men on camp were excited at the prospect of finally getting some proper meat, they were carted off into the forest by Matt - our camp manager - who seems to be willing to do anything. It made a pretty impressive sight:

Matt and Pig

The pigs are being used by a forensic science dissertation student who wants to look at the succession of insects that visit the dead animals. They have hopefully been placed at a good distance from the camp so we don’t have to smell them as they rot away - bets are being taken for when the girl doing the project will throw up first! I’m not sure what this project has to do with conservation, but it’s certainly a talking point!


  Mike wrote @ July 13th, 2007 at 2:23 pm

If it would contribute an appendix to her report I could tell her about the succession of insects that visited Keir’s ass as he let one go while we climbed the hill in Abernethy yesterday. Certainly didn’t do much for the conservation of my nasal hairs!

  Keir wrote @ July 13th, 2007 at 3:07 pm

erm, excuse me? and you may say I protest too much but I think we were both being pestered by flies.

  Margaret & Andrew wrote @ July 15th, 2007 at 12:03 am

To Mike and Keir
Our neice and family live on that hill above Abernethy, fortunately they avoided the polution as they were away at the time!
To Fiona
We once stayed in a house in Savannah in Georgia, USA, with a friend of a friend, and there were shot guns everywhere, even in the kitchen and in the corner of our bedroom, and boxes of bullets too. We just didn’t touch them! Are your army neighbours staying long? I would think rotting pigs would turn you into a vegetarian if you weren’t one already. We passed several large pigs farms on the road to Scarborough on Friday, all with their little tin huts, quite strange.

  El Grouse wrote @ July 16th, 2007 at 2:10 am

If it were eastern Europe, the slaughter of these pigs woukld be a tourist attraction worthy of a mention in the local Tourist Information (5 am - bring own knife).

Happy to report that Keir’s cycling shorts held together on Saturday, unlike previously, when that scary rip appeared.

  Mike wrote @ July 16th, 2007 at 3:36 pm

Lucky you! His cycling shorts may have held up on Saturday but the cord on his swimming trunks certainly wasn’t up to the job last week as he sprung from Bob’s pool during a game of pool football. I sneaky diversionary tactic I suspect - Flash the opponent and boot the ball past him while he’s still recovering from the shock of all that cheeky flesh. You’ll all be pleased to hear that My resolve held firm and I swam away victorious with a 3-2 win (We’ll ignore the 10-2 score to Keir in the warm up I think)

  Keir wrote @ July 17th, 2007 at 8:01 am

oh this is great - a new site to lay into Keir - this is meant to be the story of C&F on holibobs!!

  Mike wrote @ July 18th, 2007 at 2:45 am

holibobs? I thought they were currently on workidoodles!

  Lachlan wrote @ July 18th, 2007 at 8:35 am

Just to continue the theme, is Keir turning into Ned Flanders in that he can’t even type real words anymore? Yes indeedy doodle.

  Lorna wrote @ July 19th, 2007 at 10:16 am

mike, you should just be grateful you only got one brief flash, and that he wasn’t wearing the “visible man” shorts!!
chris and fi - hello! wow, your trip sounds (and looks) amazing. hope the men with guns leave soon fi…

  Keir wrote @ July 20th, 2007 at 2:45 am

they were not my shorts!! They were loaned to me and how was I to know they would go clear. My question is why did bob have them?

  Lorna (Lil’ sis) wrote @ July 21st, 2007 at 11:13 am

Oh, how confusing, two Lorna’s!

Lachlan, Keir is developing his phonics skills! It is very important for people in the EARLY stages of literacy development to be able to play with words and sounds!

  Keir wrote @ July 21st, 2007 at 12:26 pm

See parents take note - make sure you give your kid stupid names like Keir or Freya none of these common names like Lorna, Chris, Fee, Graham or Mike

  Fiona wrote @ July 21st, 2007 at 2:12 pm

Hmm, there is actually a student called Freya out in the forest, and I am noticing that the name occurs quite a lot recently… so not that uncommon (and it is in the top 40 (poss 20) of girl’s names at the moment). Keir still seems to be quite unique, although it isn’t actually your first name is it?!

  Lorna (Lil’ sis) wrote @ July 21st, 2007 at 4:02 pm

Freya is a Norse Goddess apparently!
Lorna is a made up name for the book Lorna Doone.

Never call your child Christopher, they are horrid children, usually highly intelligent though, which is mildly irritating. And Sophie’s all tend to have a bossy streak :-)

Now, as for Michaels, well let’s just not even go there!!!!!!!!! Slightly obsessive!

Unique names are good unless they are remarkably silly, like Thai, Tanisha, Mercedes, Maddison, Darcy (for a boy, as in Mister not as in Bussel, the ballerina) etc etc.

Oh, I have taught Jack Nicholson though!
PS Any wolves been slaughtered yet? The story of the 3 little wolves and the big bad pig is a good read.

  Keir wrote @ July 22nd, 2007 at 3:53 am

my most recent fun one was with bob when we wandered into reception of the company and bob asked it we could see Jen Stitts. I almost collapsed. We also have someone from one company called Emma Gration - and both were christened this way.

  GRAEME (not Graham) wrote @ July 23rd, 2007 at 2:28 am

Sorry, Jen Stitts ? Am I missing something ?

  Keir wrote @ July 23rd, 2007 at 7:30 am

say it quickly!

  Tanisha mercedes wrote @ February 10th, 2009 at 12:09 pm

dear Lorna,
Hi my names Tanisha Mercedes. I am proud of my name because Tanisha Is a ancient African name and I am proud of my heritage. and Mercedes because it embodys class and style to me. So please don’t hate on names

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