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The adventures of Fe & Chris

My new neighbours

The other day the Honduran army (airforce) turned up at Base Camp complete with big guns and small guns - apparently not loaded, but I wouldn’t know about such things - it is a bit disconcerting, but as Chris has mentioned before, such people tend to be quite nice actually. My highlight to date has been seeing one of the guys in shorts and a vest with his machine gun slung over his shoulder and a naked lady tattoo on his leg. Nice. I would have taken a photo, but feared the consequences. The downside of having them was that last night they slept in the tent next to me, right at the end of camp - all a bit disconcerting knowing there’s a load of guns nextdoor. They also woke me up in the middle of the night talking loudly, needless to say I didn’t dare ask them to keep the noise down.

I guess I should now explain their presence - apparently they are here to help stop the illegal hunting and logging that goes on in the forest - not sure exactly what they’re going to be doing to help, but they did go off for a walk the other day and seem to have got lost and eventually turned up at the village down the mountain (BA for those who are keeping up!) - we at Base Camp were slightly concerned/amused that we’d managed to lose the army! All good fun.

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