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The adventures of Fe & Chris

Forest facts

So, since we are going to be in the forest for the next few weeks, I thought it might be nice to provide you with some ‘interesting’ info about our current abode. The forest is Cusuco National Park and ‘cusuco’ means armadillo - I don’t think our science teams have found one yet, although they have apparently been seen in the nearby village being fattened up for dinner! The elevation of base camp - which is the entrance to the park - is at ~1500m - higher than the largest mountain in Britain, and yet still warmer! As Chris mentioned it rains almost every evening (not surprising since it is a cloud forest). It dries up pretty quickly through the day though (I will be able to tell you temperature when we collect the data logger, but it is probably about mid 20s).

On average the park has about 30-40 visitors a month, although there will soon be a new sparkly website (to be designed by yours truly) which is sure to attract more people!

In terms of species, there are lots… The park has many reptiles and amphibians including the fer de lance, jumping pit viper and coral snakes with at least 5 species being endemic to the park itself.

There are plenty of birds to keep Chris occupied including the resplendent quetzal, trogons, toucanets and other fancy things.

In terms of mammals, there are several large mammals - including tapir, coati, paca (a type of deer), red-tailed deer, 450 howler monkeys (yet to hear them) and a collection of cats including ocelot, jaguarundi and almost certainly a jaguar. The small mammals include the spiny pocket mouse (so called because it has two small pockets under its mouth where it stores food), mexican deer mouse, a new species of mouse, and opossums.

There are some beautiful butterflies around - including my fav the glasswing, marpesia marcella, the ‘88′ butterfly (see photos!), calligo uranus, morpho polyphemus and diethria ana - they’re all impressive - look them up for photos - they never stay still long enough for me to photograph them! There are also some huge hawk moths and other families as well as the funky jewel scarab beetles which are very pretty (one species is worth $250 per beetle!).

In addition the park has a new species of crab. Right, I’m sure that is enough to be getting on with - hopefully I’ve sold it well enough for you all to be dying to come and explore. Oh and it has an elfin forest which I’m looking forward to seeing at some point!


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