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The adventures of Fe & Chris


Having safely arrived in Copan Ruinas, Honduras, we decided to check out its main attraction as early as possible (for us anyway), in an attempt to avoid the heat.

We made it to the Mayan ruins for about 9am, just in time to beat a coach tour to the entrance…

The ruins are very impressive and are the main ones in Honduras (there are others in Guatemala, Mexico etc). They are most famous for their sculptures which were indeed well preserved in places. One of the most impressive sights was the hieroglyphic staircase - 78ish wide step, with each stone fronted with a carving - it has to be covered to protect it from further weathering, but was still an interesting sight.

The other impressive feature was the museum - an open air affair with a huge recontstruction of one of the temples they have found underground.

Photos will hopefully follow….

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