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The adventures of Fe & Chris

Butterflies and Birds

Today we have managed to fit in two different nature reserve/parks - in the morning, after rescuing Chris’ cash card we set off to ‘Enchanted wings’ a butterfly and orchid park. The owner, Robert, was very nice and showed us round the place. We started off at the hatchery where the pupae, larvae and eggs are kept - we even saw a newly hatched butterfly spreading its wings for the first time. The enclosure itself had lots of beautiful specimens, although their names mostly escape me now! We may even have some nice pics, but have to find time to have a look…

The orchids were equally impressive, although unfortunately most were not in flower - he has a collection of over 100 (there are at least 800 species in Honduras), some of his finds are thought to be new to science!

Our second outing of the day was to “Macaw Mountain” - a sanctuary of sorts containing, strangely enough, Macaws as well as other parrots and toucans which have been rescued from being kept as pets. We were shown round by a nice guide and were even given some to play with (photos will definitely appear soon!). One managed to poo on me, although successfully avoided my clothes and bag, phew! We cooled off (and I got clean!) by taking a dip in the river… lovely! Oh and Chris got attacked by an enormous ant and hopped around for a while, much to my amusement (sorry!).

Tomorrow we will leave Copan in search of new adventures at Lago Yojoa, presuming we successfully navigate San Pedro Sula - Honuras’ second city, which sounds quite, ermmm, interesting!

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