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The adventures of Fe & Chris

Love, peace and hippy-hating

The place we are currently staying, San Marcos La Laguna, is lovely. However, it seems to be a hangout for yoga, meditation, massage types and people who have been ‘travelling’ perhaps a bit too long. Whilst we are enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and lack of traffic, for some reason that we can´t quite put our finger on, we can´t find much tolerance for the hippy types that are hanging around. Perhaps it is because they appear to serve little purpose in life? Perhaps they arn´t in touch with reality? Will we end up like that after nine months of travelling?

Oh, the other thing we have noticed is that the locals seem to be a little worse for wear in late morning/early afternoon - they can be found asleep on the verges of the road. We´re not sure if this is alcohol or some other form of drug -related inebrience, it is all a bit odd (as are some of the plants we keep finding along our wanderings…).

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