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The adventures of Fe & Chris

Bed bugs and broken sinks

We haven’t really said much about our week learning Spanish and living with a family. This is because it was more of a chore than fun it must be said. Our family was very nice and friendly - the two daughters were chatty enough and seemed to be able to speak some form of Spanish we could understand. The mother´s main purpose in life seemed to be to cook for us all, which she did manage well (although we are off eggs for the next week since we had them at least once a day, every day!). She also seemed to have an amazing ability to make even the simplest attempt at conversation more complicated than required. But never mind she was lovely nonetheless.

So now to the title of my post. Yes, we did indeed get bedbugs - Chris suffered more than me, and from our very small survey of other affected (namely our pals from our shuttle bus), the bugs do seem to prefer males. We seem to have come through the ordeal relatively unscathed you´ll be relieved to know!

And the broken sink? Hmm, well that was my fault - after a wander up the dusty hill in my lovely new sandals, I needed to wash my feet, but didn´t want to have to use the shower, so I balanced on the sink (very proud of my flexibility that allowed this manouvre!) the sink then crashed to the floor spilling water and breaking the outlet pipe (the sink and the floor tiles survived thankfully). The rest of the family were out so we spent a while trying to fix the mess and find mops etc, to no avail. I then had to confess my deed in broken Spanish to the mother - oh dear! She took it very well, although I was so upset I guess she had to! I guess she was quite intrigued as to how I´d actually achived such a thing, but I decided to keep that to myself! I had to pay to get it fixed and it also meant we had no shower for the rest of our time there (for some weird reason the tap runs when the shower comes on…).

Anyway, it was all an experience!

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  Lachlan wrote @ June 13th, 2007 at 2:24 am

I’m glad you’re managing to keep us amused with left wallets, tickets, breaking furniture etc. All the best travel stories involve incompetence somewhere, either by the narrator or by the peole they meet. Glad you’re going for the former!

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