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The adventures of Fe & Chris

Our holiday on holiday

We´re in the village of San Marcos La Laguna, on the shores of Lake Atitlán.

The Manual describes it as having decidedly tranquil appeal – there´s little in the way of partying and no bar scene at all - perfect for our needs, so we embarked upon a launch across the lake with all haste. The boat was an 8m fibreglass affair with bench seats and a 115hp Suzuki engine. (Forgive me for being pass remakable, but the skipper´s boat driving displayed an extraordinary lack of skill - he botched 3 of 4 jetty approaches during our journey and almost put the boat on the beach once.)

Against the odds we survived the journey and are happily ensconsed in a pleasingly rustic shack amongst luxuriant vegetation, only disturbed by the sound of an occasional avocado crashing to the ground or when the local church decides to broadcast its message by the medium of the loudspeaker.

This is our shack…

Our wee housie

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