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The adventures of Fe & Chris

Woodstars, monkeys & transparent butterflies

Panajachel is a curious place, perhaps more like I´d imagine the tourist-tat parts of Thailand to be. It´s an easy place to be though, and we stayed a couple of nights to visit a nearby nature reserve.

The forest was wonderfully luxuriant despite being a former shade-grown coffee grove. Many Indiana Jones-esque bridges across the valley allowed spectacular views of the forest. Many beautiful butterflies fluttered around - we´ve no book, so we´ve no idea what they are. Fe´s favourite has transparent wings, but I prefer a black number with red and yellow patches.

The highlight of the day for me was a Sparkling-tailed Woodstar - a spectacularly beautiful hummingbird that hovers horizontally, rather than vertically. Spider monkeys caused excitement, however their special status was rapidly demoted when it became apparent that they were rather tame, indeed they were former pets released to the ‘wild’.

The jungle

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