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The adventures of Fe & Chris

Posh buses and chicken pants

Indulge me a small grouse, if you will.

In all our travelling around Central America on numerous chicken buses and boats no one has interfered with our luggage, despite them being frequently abandoned out of our sight for the duration of the journey.

Last night we got a very posh bus from San Cristobal to Oaxaca (interestingly pronounced Wahaca) with a company called ADO. It took 12 hours. This bus was so posh that you check in your bags and they are loaded on the bus for you.

When I got my bag off the bus this morning I discovered that someone had cut the cable tie securing the zip and had been nosing around inside. Now, the US Homeland Security gents do this all the time, but they always have the decency to leave me a little note explaining why.

Unfortunately for my potential thieves at ADO I had packed my unwashed chicken boxer shorts and assorted other filthy clothing just at the top. Apparently this was enough to put off my - they didnĀ“t even steal my natty knacks!


  Christopher’s Mum & Dad wrote @ October 11th, 2007 at 4:23 am

I’m pleased to say that your parcel of books from Belize arrived safely, without being opened, and your signatures across the back were untampered with until I opened it.
We can now learn how to scuba dive from the instruction manual!!! (I think that deserves the exclamation marks!)
I always get the impression that Mexico is not a terribly safe place, but the Guardian listed the most dangerous destinations for British tourists a while ago, and top came Thailand - lost passports, illness, trouble with the police - needs good planning! It was mentioned on the news the other day as the worst place for credit card fraud!
Now Australia came 2nd - lost passports, murder, wildlife including leeches,
and weather including sunburn. Also take note of your friend and your sister’s comments on what you try to take into Australia, and clean your boots!

  Keir wrote @ October 14th, 2007 at 3:58 am

I got my shoes cleaned once coming back from Belgium (back in the days of passports and stuff. Just leave em dirty and tell them to clean em for you. Afterall how much pollen will you be carrying to cross pollinate all their plants with!

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