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The adventures of Fe & Chris

Deep Sea World

We have now almost finished our stint of diving in Utila (we will have done a total of 13 dives in 6 days!) and we are now “Advanced Open Water” divers, although not sure how advanced we actually feel!

We have been very lucky in all the exciting animals that we have seen - yesterday we saw some seahorses (I requested them, and our instructor provided - he´s very impressive!). They were very cool and bigger than I thought they would be. Our second dive yesterday gave us our second highlight of our diving to date - we got to swim alongside a male Hawksbill turtle for a good ten minutes - he was amazing, and didn´t seem bothered by our presence at all - just slowly moved on his way along the coral wall.

As part of our Advanced course we got to dive a wreck, which was interesting, and a little creepy, we did a deep dive down to 30m, and also a night dive which in all honesty was a bit disappointing as it was mainly an exercise in avoiding kicking everybody else, or the coral. Don´t think I need to go diving in the dark again for a while!

Tomorrow we are heading off to another Bay Island - Roatan - for a few days before making our way to Belize.

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