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The adventures of Fe & Chris


We have been out kayaking a couple of times recently and yesterday we went on a tour to Punta Izopo - a nature reserve to the east of Tela. This was our first time on a double kayak, but I think we managed reasonably well - Chris was at the rear and took charge of steering, which he did impressively well - we didn´t bump into the mangroves at all! We were also one of the fastest (not that I´m competitive at all!). On our tour we saw lots of blue crabs desperately clinging to the mangrove roots - they don´t seem to like the water too much. Apparently it is crab season and the locals can be seen collecting them along the roadsides to make soup from them, or sell them 5 for 100 Lempiras. They´re quite funky looking - will try and get a pic up soon….

We also saw a tiny baby crocodile - cute, and a couple of new herons - a boat billed and some other, the name I forget!

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