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The adventures of Fe & Chris


Our return to Honduras has brought us to the seaside town of Tela and our first Caribbean beaches, which we duly took to yesterday and in true British tradition managed to get nice and sunburnt, oops! The beach just along from the main town is beautiful - empty, palm-tree lined and the sea is as warm as a bath - all very nice and we spent a good hour splashing around and practising hand stands in the water (which I was particularly bad at).

Today we went to the Jardin Botanico Lancetilla, the second largest tropical gardens in the world apparently. It turned out to be a bit of a challenge to get to as the bus in the guidebook didn´t appear, so we attempted to rent bikes although they weren´t too safe looking (or small enough for me), so we resorted to a taxi. The park was quite nice though it was very hot (still acclimatising to the tropics). We cooled down by swimming in the river and were immediately surrounded by huge numbers of small fish who seemed to find us very interesting, although they wouldn´t let us catch them. I practised not being scared since as Chris pointed out, I will be actively seeking fish once we´re diving - hmm trying not to be too wimpy about such things. One day I shall learn braveness.

Tela also has a local weirdo who comes up to the windows of cafes/restuarants and stares at you. Creepy. We will endeavour to keep you up to date with the weirdos we meet!

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  Graeme wrote @ August 30th, 2007 at 2:16 am

Your excellent adventure continues. I look forward to the weirdo update - perhaps you could supplement it with pictures of people too if you can get them without endangering yourselves. There have been many weirdos in Edinburgh the past few weeks who run up to you, hand you things to look at and shout at you, often while in fancy dress. However, this is coming to an end and they are all drifting away again.

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