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The adventures of Fe & Chris

From rain to sun

In Cusuco it ordinarily rains in the afternoons and a rainophobic bird person like me can easily avoid getting damp. Not so today.

I spent last night at Guanales and set off this morning for my last day of counting birds. At approximately 0732 I was on top of a ridge 700 metres above the camp, enjoying a Barred Forest Falcon, when it chucked it down. I got soaked, curtailed my counting activities and swung, monkey-like from tree to tree all the way down the hill.

Fe and I are off to the seaside tomorrow. We are going to a hotel on the Caribbean that Opwall run as a field site. There’s very little science to do - we just have to entertain some school kids. I’m looking forward to the pelicans, frigatebirds and sea whilst Fe is getting strangely excited about a rumoured washing machine.


  Stewart wrote @ August 14th, 2007 at 2:39 am


Could not resist a little peek at your blog - sounds like you are having an amazing time - mud and quetzals should appeal to all mankind! Very envious of the birding - never really found myself in anything like your current home - pit vipers as well - marvellous!! Next part is learning to dive - don’t do it - if you get the bug, kiss goodbye to any money you may ever (briefly) accumulate into the future. Caribbean diving can be excellent I hear, so have lots of fun.

Off on my holiday - will look again upon my return.


  jenny wrote @ August 19th, 2007 at 2:39 pm

hey fe fe, washing machine such a luxary are yousure your not dreaming!!! does that also mean you will be able to have a shower aswell? it will be paradise if you can and you will never want to leave!!!!!!!!! jenxx

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