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The adventures of Fe & Chris

Archive for November 30, 2007

Dangerous animals in Australia

Australia is notorious for its abundance of deadly beasts; it’s amazing that anyone survives here at all.

Until now all we had seen was the mildly hazardous Red-backed Spider and a croc or two - rather disappointing. Yesterday we went for a stroll in the Blue Mountains and first were attacked by leeches…


…and then were confronted with a big black snake (sorry, we haven’t looked up the species) in strike position, right by the path.


Fortunately a fellow European in flip-flops coming the other way noticed it too! We’re off to New Zealand now, where there’s nothing deadly at all, at least nothing I can think of…

A report card for Australia

We’re leaving Australia tomorrow and are sad to do so. We’ve had a lovely time and have enjoyed lots of wonderful beasties and birds, friendly people, fine weather and dramatic landscapes. All very excellent indeed!

Now, whilst signage is excellent, humorous and even slightly risque (in a way that would not be acceptable in Britain), grammar and spelling are poor. In Australia apostrophes are frequently misused, and little proof reading is evident in signs and menus. This upsets my good lady’s sensibilities greatly.

Mr Rudd, the newly elected Prime Minister, may wish to address this problem!

Australians are exceptional at Surf Lifesaving though - we watched a competition on Bondi Beach this afternoon and they excelled.