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The adventures of Fe & Chris

Archive for November 27, 2007

Submarines and bridges

We’re in Sydney. It rained today so we went to the Maritime museum. A replica of Cook’s Endeavour is here and a diesel-electric submarine too. The Harbour Bridge is nice, but not a patch on our bridge (above). The Opera house is a little more yellow than I thought, but nice all the same.

More pics

Some of the beasties we have seen whilst in Australia can be seen here and here.

Melbourne to Port Fairy

Over the last few days we have been visiting Melbourne, and were kindly taken in by Ameera - a doctor from OpWall. We actually kicked her out of her lovely new house, which was very kind of her!

Melbourne was very bad for our waistlines (well mine, Chris is skinny as ever) as we managed to wander from cafe to chocolate shop whilst trying to avoid the rain - all very European and yummy. Ameera took us for a tour of the Dandenong Ranges just outside the city where we managed to see some Lyrebirds, and devour more tasty food.

After a couple of days in the city we headed along the Great Ocean Road (after renting a car in the city and managing to avoid scary hook turns where you stay in a left lane to turn right!). The coastal views were as amazing as promised - lots of big waves and funky limestone geology.

We stayed in a lovely little place called Port Fairy and went for a night time stroll to a small island where Short-tailed Shearwaters flew overhead and occasionally squawked at us.

I continued in my mammal spotting and saw lots of Koalas hanging out in trees - some were having cuddles - all very cute. I did get scared when one of them started making weird noises from the ground behind me - wasn’t sure if koalas were prone to viciously attacking humans (yes, I’m a wuss).

We are now enjoying the sights of Sydney - it’s so big! Blue Mountains tomorrow though…

Inappropriate moustaches

We enjoyed a lovely few days in Melbourne. The very busy and cosmpolitan nature of the city was a little of a culture shock for us - Hobart and Alice Springs aren’t quite so hectic.

Amongst all the really very fashionable people we noticed a curious trend - young men with moustaches. Really very innapropriate. Over a beer in a roof-top bar, rather like a scene from Alice in Wonderland, we inquired of our host, Ameera, the nature of this fashion.

It transpires it is the month of Movember, where men grow moustaches to raise awareness of male health issues. So they are trendy after all.

Geeky stuff

Now that we are frequenting big cities again I wish to comment on two iPod related matters:

1.  We replaced the battery in Fe’s 4G iPod for $30 (15 squids) - it’s easy, don’t be scared.

 2. We played with new iPod touch in the Sydney Apple shop. It’s beautiful. Fe wanted to buy one straight way. I predict the end of the Windows based PDA. It browses this site beautifully.

Australians won’t give a XXXX for anything else

Whilst in the supermarket, we decided to treat ourselves to a beer (to take away that is!). I headed for the off licence and perused the fridge section which only seemed to contain alcopops and premixed spirits. I obviously looked a bit lost and bemused as a shop assistant asked if he could help - I asked him if they had a fridge with beers - he pointed me through a door. Much to my amusement, this turned out to be a huge freezer room with crates of beer as far as the eye could see! I managed to select a couple of nice sounding bottles (which were nice). And had to send Chris to experience the way Ozzies do beer!