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The adventures of Fe & Chris

Archive for November 22, 2007

Wildlife spotting with professional naturalists

Whilst in Tasmania we were very keen to see a Platypus, as this was supposed to be one of the best places to spot them. Therefore every stretch of water we saw was examined for any sign of these elusive creatures and we soon became ‘expert’ in places that were unsuitable for them.

We were getting a bit downhearted when after 8 days of looking we still hadn’t seen one (with the exception of a dead one on the side of the road - not hit by us I’d like to point out).

We thought our luck might be in at our last stop in Tassie when the walk was called “Platypus trail” and included a hide to help spot them, however it was the wrong time of day and so still no joy. We finally gave up and headed off to find somewhere to camp. Our camp guide suggested a fishing lake. On arrival we did our now customary inspection for the creature, where Chris knowlingly declared “This isn’t suitable platypus habitat” and I keenly observed one serenely floating in the water 5 metres away. Who’s the better naturalist now I wonder?! (This was after I had also pointed out a wombat that was munching grass right in front of him a couple of days previously!).

The platypus seemed reasonably undisturbed by us and continued diving down for food and gave us some lovely views of this fascinating beast. We celebrated our good fortune with a little dance!