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The adventures of Fe & Chris

Archive for November 21, 2007

Carpeted bike sheds & baby krill

Megan and Karen kindly obliged us with a tour of the Australian Antarctic Division buildings. It was a fine display with many gnarly looking machines and equipment. They even lined up a tour of the cutting-edge-of-science krill breeding program with a nice lad called Rob. AAD are the first people to breed Antarctic Krill in captivity. Rob taught us about the sex lives of krill (and I thought I knew more than I really should already).

I couldn’t help but compare the AAD with BAS and can summise my observations thus:

AAD have carpeted bike sheds.

What more need be said?

For my birthday…

Thank you all for your birthday greetings. I particularly like Mike’s poem, but I do not infact scoop up my poo, just bury it with a natty orange plastic trowel.

Now, to business. For my birthday I received a Shy Albatross, some male Australian Fur Seals, thousands of muttonbirds, an Echidna, a Superb Fairy Wren, a nice walk to Cape Hauy and a Devonshire Tea.