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The adventures of Fe & Chris

Archive for September 6, 2007

New adventures in Flip-flops

After suffering some mild abrasion by my fins, coupled with sandal wear and insect bites, I have been forced to abandon my trusty posh Merrell sandals in favour of a pair of flip-flops. I have always spurned such footware in the past as I endured negative experiences as a juvenile.

They cost me 75 Lempiras (Two pounds). I´ll let you know how I get on.

My Goretex is mouldy

After two months in the cloud forest my North Face Goretex jacket has gone mouldy on the inside. I have tried washing it in travel soap and a hot shower, but it didn´t help.

Can anyone suggest a suitable treatment, please?

The biggest fish in the sea…

Today was one of the most exciting days of my life.

Having been told by our instructor yesterday that ¨you´ll be very lucky to see a whale shark this time of year¨ we were very excited to come across one this morning on the way to our first ever open water dive (that makes us not only very lucky but possibly one in a million by the way!!).

The skipper was very adept at getting us in the right place to get off the boat and snorkel with this amazing animal - we saw three individuals in total - the biggest being seven metres - huge!

We managed to get in with it six times (although I missed one whilst throwing up, oops!). A couple of times we were wondering where it had got to, until we looked directly below us, and there it was - amazing!

They are quite slow moving and very pretty -  with spots all over their backs. We´re hoping to obtain pics from someone who was lucky enough to have housing for their camera (Keir you couldn´t post yours out to me could you? Hrmph, you swine!).

Chris would like to add two points - whale sharks are planktivores and therefore do not eat people. Number two, the feeding sharks attracted huge numbers of black terns, sooty terns, least terns and the occasional noddy.

None of this would have happened if it weren´t for Hurricane Felix causing upwelling and also ridding the island of tourists which meant we got on a resort boat we wouldn´t usually have been allowed on, so thanks to Felix and our bravery at staying on the island!

By the way,we also had fun on our two open water dives - saw a yellow stingray, some parrotfish and a trumpet fish. Oh and we just passed our written exam (I got 100% of course, hehe!).