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The adventures of Fe & Chris

Archive for September 5, 2007

Diving, exploring and relaxing in Utila

Before all the Hurricane Felix commotion we had embarked on diving instruction to gain our PADI Open Water certification. We’d spent two days learning and practising in shallow water, when we were ready to jump into the deep water the dive shop had to be shut up and packed away so we have had a couple of days to explore the island and relax (and eat the the food we’d bought to weather out the storm).

This morning we tried to walk to a bay on the north of this island, yet failed - we ended up in a mosquito ridden mangrove swamp and were forced to retreat. We are starting to learn that Utila is not an island for walking.

This afternoon we read our dive books and watched hummingbirds from the veranda - a rather beautiful species called a Green-breasted Mango frequents the feeder outside our room.

We start diving again tomorrow morning. We are in a class of two - just Fe and I - which is great. Our instructor is a terribly nice chap called Dick. You don’t meet many people called Dick these days.

Felix is all puffed out

Our hurricane experience turned out to be little more than a normal Scottish breeze and a bit of rain - Felix changed course to the south slightly and the depression filled up when it it hit mainland Central America. All we got here was a bit of a wet fart.

Preparations on Utila were interesting to observe - all the houses on the seafront were boarded up, a generator was towed behind a truck up a hill, and there was some premptory mango tree trimming and everyone living on the shoreline moved up the hill.

All but the hardiest of tourists left the island so we enjoyed a peaceful couple of days - we went to the posh man-made beach and enjoyed some solitary snorkelling.

Life is getting back to normal now, and there are still no tourists which is nice.