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The adventures of Fe & Chris

Archive for August 7, 2007

Dangerous occurences on Transect 5

For our first day’s fieldwork at Cantiles we embarked upon the interestingly titled Transect 5. The reality of this path is much more special than its name with superb forest, fine birds & flowers and a challenging path that makes you know you are alive.


After watching Fiona stumble and slide a couple of times our guide took pity and chopped down a tree to create a walking stick, complete with three very small pet bromeliads. This helped most of the time, until she concentrated on holding this stick rather than sticking to the ground, and slid horizontally, feet first, backwards down the path. Here she is desperately trying not to slide on her bum (again).


On the way home we successfully negotiated our way past a couple of baby (but deadly) Godman’s Pit Vipers but at the last hurdle both got viciously attacked by wasps. We both ran screaming from the nest area much to the amusement of Roo and Lamia who had uneventfully passed them and had moved on to Resplendent Quetzal watching. We struggled with binoculars, pain and anti-histamine, narrowly avoiding a sticky mess and enjoyed this most finest of birds for a few moments before the pain got too great and we resumed screaming.

You will be pleased to know we are fully recovered after the tender care and attention of Roo, an A&E nurse.

Credits due & personal hygiene in the jungle

Although I mentioned my delicious birthday cake in the previous post, I omitted to mention the people responsible for creating such a culinary delight, in fact, we rarely mention any of the other people who are out here with- most of whom are nice, friendly people. This includes Kalina and Julie, who slaved away cooking my cake, and Kalina even put on deodorant (a rare treat for any of us nowadays!) and brushed her teeth for the following photo shoot…


Here are the whole Cantiles gang - Fe, Chris, Julie, Kalina, Lamia, Steve, Jo, Dougie, Ruaraidh, and Aussie John the camp manager