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The adventures of Fe & Chris

Archive for July 11, 2007

Three little pigs…

Another highlight of the last week was the arrival of three freshly slaughtered pigs at base camp. Although the cooks were wanting to know how to cook them, and the men on camp were excited at the prospect of finally getting some proper meat, they were carted off into the forest by Matt - our camp manager - who seems to be willing to do anything. It made a pretty impressive sight:

Matt and Pig

The pigs are being used by a forensic science dissertation student who wants to look at the succession of insects that visit the dead animals. They have hopefully been placed at a good distance from the camp so we don’t have to smell them as they rot away - bets are being taken for when the girl doing the project will throw up first! I’m not sure what this project has to do with conservation, but it’s certainly a talking point!

My new neighbours

The other day the Honduran army (airforce) turned up at Base Camp complete with big guns and small guns - apparently not loaded, but I wouldn’t know about such things - it is a bit disconcerting, but as Chris has mentioned before, such people tend to be quite nice actually. My highlight to date has been seeing one of the guys in shorts and a vest with his machine gun slung over his shoulder and a naked lady tattoo on his leg. Nice. I would have taken a photo, but feared the consequences. The downside of having them was that last night they slept in the tent next to me, right at the end of camp - all a bit disconcerting knowing there’s a load of guns nextdoor. They also woke me up in the middle of the night talking loudly, needless to say I didn’t dare ask them to keep the noise down.

I guess I should now explain their presence - apparently they are here to help stop the illegal hunting and logging that goes on in the forest - not sure exactly what they’re going to be doing to help, but they did go off for a walk the other day and seem to have got lost and eventually turned up at the village down the mountain (BA for those who are keeping up!) - we at Base Camp were slightly concerned/amused that we’d managed to lose the army! All good fun.