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The adventures of Fe & Chris

Archive for June 29, 2007

Our new home

We are now in Cusuco National Park in north-west Honduras. We shall be here for two months working for Operation Wallacea, so our map marker is unlikely to move for a while. We arrived here two days ago after enjoying a very scenic, if bumpy, ride up the mountain in the back of a pick-up truck.

I have been getting up at 0500 to go out birding. I am rapidly learning the bird songs of the forest with the aid of an iPod. On Tuesday I am going to a field camp to count birds for a couple of weeks. It was sold to me as being some of the finest forest in the park so I happily agreed - I have since found out it is also the wettest and inhospitable camp!

Fiona is just polishing her PhD before she magically submits it remotely. She spent all yesterday meeting with the different science groups so she can ensure the project database is correctly set up for their needs. There are about 50 scientists here and 50 university students. Next week they shall all disperse around the forest to the different field camps, but then school kids will arrive!

Our living conditions are thus:

We are living in a little tent and get force-fed corn tortillas. A diesel generator provides power during part of the day and a satellite dish provides a sluggish internet connection. It rains every evening (so far). We have been given copious instructions in how to deal with snake bites. The showers are very cold and only mildly alarming. Fiona calmly endured her cold shower whilst chuckling at the girlie screams of a man in the next cubicle.