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The adventures of Fe & Chris

Archive for June 26, 2007

San Pedro Sula

We arrived here this morning after a warm and breezy bus ride from Pena Blanca. I don’t know why ‘Sula’ is in the name - that means Gannet where I come from. We never did get Fiona to that pesky lake.

SPS is the second largest city in Honduras and it is rather hot. Really very hot. Humid too. We are in a posh hotel for the evening as we are meeting people from Operation Wallacea there tomorrow morning. All being well we are heading off into Cusuco National Park for the next two months.

We’ve got to go now as we have to get our money’s worth and use all the facilities at the hotel.

Friendly people with guns and knives

I have found the best people to ask stupid traveller’s questions to are the Hondurans that carry big guns and knives; everywhere seems to have a security guard, and they are usually bored and happy to help.

 Last night a very nice man with a huge sheathed machete guarded our hotel of which we were the only residents. He had a nice rocking chair to sit on though.