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The adventures of Fe & Chris

Archive for June 25, 2007

Lago blurghhh

Hmm, well after our high hopes of a nice relaxing time by the lovely Lago Yojoa with lots of birds, it came as some disappointment to arrive at the much touted D&D B&B & brewery (”Beer and Birds”) to find our room was “very ensuite” in Chris’ words - i.e. the toilet was actually in the bedroom. Lovely. So we got over that, and then they poisoned us with their food, so I spent a nice relaxing Sunday in bed, alternately throwing up, and ermm, I’m sure you can imagine the rest. Needless to say I was not impressed, especially since it meant we were trapped in the horrible place for another night.

Chris escaped for a bit and went for an apparently nice wander towards the lake (I still haven’t seen this blumming lake by the way!).  He also had to continue to eat at the place since there was nowhere else in the vicinity, so he of course got ill as well.. poor boy - twice in a week. Oh and he looked after me very well you’ll all be pleased to know!

So anyway, today we managed to get out of there, and tried to go to another hotel, which was unfortunately full, or closed, or something. We are now in the small town of Peña Blanca, which is kind of near the lake, so with luck we may get there tomorrow.