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The adventures of Fe & Chris

Archive for June 19, 2007

Antigua Guatemala

Our current position, as surmised by Chris’ mother is indeed the Antigua in Guatemala! It is a former capital of Guatemala, from when the Spanish first invaded (colonised?). It is a lovely place full of old buildings, churches and ruins of churches due to earthquakes over several hundred years, enough to make the Spanish abandon it for Guatemala city. It is also surrounded by three volcanoes - one of which dominates the town (photos to come…) and the other two I think must be hidden in clouds and behind the other hills that surround. All in all a nice, relaxing town.

We will have been here five nights in total, which has taken us on a tour of three hostels - due to funny smells and bad bookings (i.e. getting kicked out!). Tomorrow we leave for Copan Ruinas (missing accent due to american keyboard!) in Honduras - 4am start, urgh! There are ruins of Mayan origin there which should be very interesting too.

Sorry this is a bit brief, but we need sleep now…!

More to follow - including a run down of Chris’ gut situation ;-)


Whilst enjoying a quiet rest in our happy little house in San Marcos La Laguna the foundations shook. It was quite a noisy thing, went on for a good 20 seconds or so, and it would have spilled your soup, should your bowl have been full.

Fiona rapidly pondered what one is supposed to do during an earthquake - only when all became quiet did she remember we should hide under a table.

 We didn’t have a table.