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The adventures of Fe & Chris

Archive for June 2, 2007

More guacamole?

Now we are safely in Quetzaltenago we have been eating. We are staying in what the manual describes as a ”spotless guest house” called Casa Kaehler (and indeed there is a little woman who cleans all day long). Breakfast is included in the price, so being Scottish I opted for the largest choice: burritos - not too disimilar to my dinner of fajitas the previous evening, and perhaps even larger. This is all very good, an I enjoy guacamole and salsa as much as the next man, perhaps even more, but I worry that I may turn green soon.

Am I a pillow?

Whilst Fe is composing a literary masterpiece about our journey. I shall simply tell you that she fell asleep on my right shoulder whilst a teenage boy fell asleep on my other.

Meanwhile I stayed awake as we journed through the cloudforest and calmly watched the bus driver career around tight bends & overtake on corners. He peered through the rain soaked windscreen (no functional wipers) and optimistically wiped down the inside of the window; I chuckled (quietly, so as not to disturb those resting on me) and the cloud obscured visibility remained obscured.

Planes, taxis and chicken buses

Well, over the last couple of days we have managed to use all of the above - the plane was fairly easy, the taxis slightly more interesting and the Chicken buses definitely an experience…

Despite my ploys to miss our flight, we did make it to Heathrow, and then after the occasional bump we arrived in Mexico City where we stayed overnight (Holiday Inn Oriente - v nice!). We then had another, shorter, flight down to Tapachula where a nice taxi man took us to the border, what a great trip - humidity, palm trees and latino music - excellent. Unfortunately he then dropped us in the middle of a group of, hmmm, how to describe them…? People who wanted to exchange currency and generally earn money by showing us passport control, which of course we could easily spot ourselves…. We then got pestered into another taxi which took us to the nearest town - Malacatàn.

We successfully found a chicken bus (ex-North American school buses which often, surprisingly, carry chickens!) which would, apparently, take us to Xela. It was empty so we had a nice relax out of the rain (yep, it´s pouring down here too, where´s that promised sunshine?). We then watched out of the window over the next 20 mins as not one, but two, other buses set off, whilst we remained firmly put, obviously getting on the bus first in line isn´t the correct approach. Eventually (about 50 mins) it was our turn to go (this involved reversing up the road so that we were at the end of the queue of course!). The man came around to collect money and kindly informed us that this bus did not in fact go to Xela after all - only San Marcos. There we changed to another bus. This resulted in a bit of a crush as I had to ¨sit¨on a seat with one of our bags in my footwell - I just curled up and went to sleep - all good! Anyway, the views on these various modes of transport were amazing - we went up into the mountains, surrounded by clouds (did I mention it´s been raining a lot?), lots of forests, and the occasional hut - all very exciting. The towns themselves aren´t quite so pretty, and not so functional if you can´t speak the language. However we are going to learn some Spanish next week….

Now it´s time for Bridget Jones pt 2 - we got off the bus in Xela in the puring, yes you´ve guessed it, rain, and headed for a taxi, I then proceeded to trip, and helped by my oversize backpack (think Switzerland snowboarder gang) toppled over onto the soaking wet pavement - d´oh! Luckily it only bruised my knee, and I did manage to scare off a local who was tring to get business from us! We had an expensive taxi ride to our chosen hostel (Black Cat, nice, clean, friendly) where we promptly collapsed…

Chicken Bus

Bridget Jones eat your heart out…

Hello, sorry, ¡Hola!

This is is my first attempt at blogging - how exciting, hope it keeps you all entertained!!

So, as you might guess we are now safely in a place with internet access - namely Quetzaltenango (AKA Xela), Guatemala, but more of that later. This was despite my best efforts to (a) forget the air tickets, (b) on the taxi to the airport realise I´d forgotten my wallet (c) try to take far too many liquids (8 hour cream included Lynn :-)! ) (d) go through a bag search at security… hmm is that enough errors within the space of a few hours (Chris was definitely starting to despair!)?

Oh yes, and I did of course manage to spill my tea all over the poor boy during the flight too… Things can only get better… or can they?!!!