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The adventures of Fe & Chris

Archive for May, 2007

Curiosities at home

There are some curious goings on afoot in our home town of South Queensferry: would you believe it seems to be going a little up market? Don’t misunderstand me, it has always been a pretty little middle class town (with its mandatory collection of neds as being part of small-town Scotland dictates), but after one of the old pubs was made into a perfectly acceptable contemporary styled bar a while back, another wine bar of similar ilk has sprung up (free olives with your pint: that’s not very small-town Scotland).

Now that we are leaving, more changes are looming. The same establishment that runs the new wine bar will open what looks like high class delicatessen on the high street the day after we leave. In a week’s time the Ferry Fringe arts festival will commence. At the Fringe, art, poetry, comedy, food and even a beer festival are promised. It all sounds rather exciting. We’ll be sorry to miss it.

Can any of the more local readership investigate both the deli and the festival and keep us informed?

Packed and ready to go

The title is rather more a hopeful condition than a statement of fact. Our bags are packed, so that bit is true at least. I’m not quite sure we are ready to go.

We fly from Edinburgh to London, then to Mexico City tomorrow and staying in an airport hotel; a rather easy start you might think, and that would be a fair statement. Next day however, things get a little more unknown. We fly from Mexico City to Tapachula on the border with Guatemala which we are hoping to enter before nightfall. We are armed with a few fuzzily photographed pages describing how to leave Mexico, surreptitiously snapped from a guidebook in a reputable bookshop (well we weren’t going to buy the book and lug it around - have you seen the size of it?).

We have made lots of plans for further down the line: we are going to work for Operation Wallacea in Honduras for a couple of months and drive around New Zealand in a camper van but for the first few weeks of our travels we haven’t the faintest idea what we will do or see - just travelling, for the sake of travelling.