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Unrestricted garnishing or…

Hmmm, well in a show of newly married collaboration, Chris has chosen the title of my first (and probably only) honeymoon in Africa post!!

We are about to leave our wonderful safari camp, Flatdogs, in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia. We have had an amazing time and seen lots of exciting animals including:

Chameleon (I even got a hold), Warthogs, Zebra, Giraffe, Impala, Elephant Shrew (Chris’ fav), Puku, Kudu. Oh and did I mention some LIONs?! That would be two pride’s worth and two gnarly males.

Ah yes, and not one, not two, not even three, but four amazing Leopard sightings

So all in all a fab time. The most difficult decisions we’ve had to make are what to have for breakfast. It’s a tough life!

We have to go now - heading off on the more adventurous part of our trip - 8 days’ canoeing down the Zambezi. Wish us luck :-)

the newly weds


Kiwi spotting

So far, this is the only Kiwi we’ve seen:


More pics

Some of the beasties we have seen whilst in Australia can be seen here and here.

Sad news

Before we get back to the frivolous stories of our travels, I would just like to acknowledge the sad news that my friend Patsy from Oxford died last week. She was a wonderful person and I will miss her a lot - Oxford won´t be the same without her.

Google map data improves

I’ve just noticed that the Google Map we use in the bottom right of the page has recently acquired much more detailed data for Central America. How pleasing. Zoom away!

Mud, mud glorious mud…


Over the last few days I have been on another small break from base camp and ran away with Chris (well, actually walked quite slowly) to another satellite camp called Cantiles. Everyone who’s been there has come back saying it’s nice, but muddy, although we weren’t quite prepared for how true this turned out to be - it was rather treacherous to have so much mud on a slope of a considerable gradient - Glastonbury eat your heart out! I was always amazed when I made it from my tent to the kitchen without slipping on my bum! The walk there was quite an experience too - luckily I had quite a small pack but it was a long trek that involved more mud and numerous undulations - hopefully I will be superfit by the end of this (although somewhat doubtful).


The camp itself was lovely - the most jungly camp so far with lots of huge trees ( there is a 50 metre tall Liquidambar in the kitchen), a couple of pet Chestnut-headed brushfinches (Chris is teaching me well), and the occasional Quetzal - yes, we have finally had a couple of good views of them, though no photos as yet.

Some of the excess mud had been skillfully crafted into an effigy of the forest ’spook’ known to Hondurans as Eddie Tyler (though I’m sure this is not the correct spelling). He’s a cheery looking chap:


We ate plentifully as the camp is due to close soon and had copious quantities of food. Chris is desperately trying to get fat after the harsh comments on his Guanales post! He made great inroads on the Cantiles Cheese Mountain and did some damage to the excess cornflakes & jam.

A few points…

We have finally managed to get our act togather and some photos on the blog - there is a new page (to your right) with a few photos to prove we´re really somewhere exotic. Some of the olkd posts (and new) have also been added to, so please have a quick look!

Another thing is that our mobile phones are not finding reception in Guatemala so we are not getting any of the lovely text messages you may have been sending us. Sorry about that!

Oh, and just to let you all know, the corrections for my PhD have been accepted, so I have now (almost) officially finished! Yippee!

Que hora es?

¡Buenas tardes!

In answer to Keir´s query of what other daft thing we could possibly do next, I wonder if having the wrong time for two days without realising counts?? (We just thought our hostel was a bit tardy with their serving of breakfast, by ermmm, an hour!). This did, unfortunately, mean that not only were we waking up at the hideous hour of 4am, but also going to bed at 8pm - all because we didn´t realise there was an hour difference between Guatemala and Mexico (Guatemala doesn´t do daylight saving apparently.)